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Servicing 26000+ India pincodes, InstaShipin COD gives you precise details of COD collected and credits it to your bank account within a week.

COD Services in India

Enable Cash on Delivery on your eCommerce store

Weekly Cash on Delivery payouts straight into your account

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Benefits of COD

Direct benefits

Considering that Cash on delivery is one of customers' most preferred purchase options, InstaShipIn COD feature enables sellers to offer this facility pan-India across 26000 customer locations, thus increasing product sales and revenue.

Offer COD to customers

Cash on Delivery Service is a much-loved feature to engage viewers. Convert them into customers and drive sales.

See Realtime Collection updates

Check your Payments tab > Total collectable to know the up-to-date COD total collected

Weekly Payouts

InstaShipin transfers your outstanding COD amount to your bank account every week automatically

Separate Billing of Deliveries

InstaShipin bills shipping charges separately. We do not auto-extract our shipping charges from your COD payouts without your knowledge.

Easy Reconciliation

InstaShipin strictly maintains separate accounts for your shipping charges and COD payouts, making reconciliation easy and natural. Meanwhile, you do have an option to recharge your InstaShipin wallet from your received COD amount.

Save Time & Money

No more hassles of running to multiple couriers to recover your COD receivables

How to offer COD Deliveries

Just turning on the built-in functionality

Manage Multiple eCommerce Stores on InstaShipIn
1. Go to Services

Login to InstaShipin software. Navigate to Settings > Services

2. Enable COD services

Flip the setting for COD services from off to on

3. Approve COD orders

Approve the COD-enabled orders that come from your online store to InstaShipin


Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and Knowlegabable support team.

How I can process the orders in cash on delivery mode?

InstaShipin has provision to assign Pay type as either prepaid or COD. You need to provide COD option on your online store. Such orders come into InstaShipin with pay type set as COD, and can be delivered to 26000+ serviceable pincodes.

How does cash on delivery work?

Customers who choose COD option need not make any payment during order placement. Instead, the customers pay for the item and transportation when the order is delivered to them. The courier partner collects the money, which shall be transferred to seller online.

How do I get cash on delivery amount?

To avoid the cumbersome process of crediting individual COD amounts, InstaShipin pays your COD as per the payment cycle (usually on weekly basis) by directly crediting the outstanding amount into your bank account.

What are the cash on delivery charges?

Just as there are payment gateway charges for prepaid shipments, there are cash on delivery charges for COD orders. The amount is sought by InstaShipin as charges for handling the COD amounts by its courier partner and the bank.

Can I convert COD order into prepaid order?

Yes, you can convert COD orders into prepaid provided the order is available in InstaShipin panel and the order is not yet approved. Your customer can pay you the amount due, following which you can treat the order as prepaid.

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Baselined at a super-low INR 25 per 0.5 kilogram, InstaShipin's rate calculator precisely informs you why we charge what we charge. That's called transparency.

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