We assign a dedicated account manager for your business

InstaShipin values relationships first, technology next. Unlike most logistics enablers who run one common support center for all clients, we give you "your team" led by a dedicated account manager.

Dedicated Account Manager for Your Shipping Business in India

Talk to our Account manager anytime and to resolve issue anytime

Account manager understands your needs and will guide your at all the points for service

eCommerce Courier Service India

Benefits of Dedicated Account Manager

Direct benefits

Your InstaShipin support team functions like an extension of your own business. You can reach them over phone or via dedicated Whatsapp group. What's more, we give you an account manager who speaks your local language - as far as possible!

Easy on-boarding and verification

Your account manager is there for you from Day one, helping you with getting onto InstaShipin platform and completing the on-boarding formalities

Friendly and helpful agents

We specialize on quick resolutions to your queries and concerns to ensure you always get the support you need

Helps you to customise services

We can help you customize your logistics service to maximize your sales and delivery efficiency.

Raise any issue

Though they happen rarely, we do take non-delivery issues on highest priority. At the same time, if you're facing a technical issue, a question about your payouts or shipping charges, we're there for you.

Reachable by Call, Email, Chat and SMS

Available on call during working hours and on other channels otherwise, we are with you to make your ecommerce business journey a smooth ride.

Save Time & Money

Our support service is yours at no extra cost. In fact, we help you earn more by helping you analyze your business and discovering possibilities for future expansion!

How to get Agents' help

InstaShipin isn't just the product, but includes our client services!

Manage Multiple eCommerce Stores on InstaShipIn
1. Agents are assigned as you sign up

Without additional requisition, when you join InstaShipin, our team joins you!

2. Agents are point of contact between you and the company

Once you know your team, your Account manager shall facilitate further interaction or regular basis.

3. Agents are responsible to assist you

Our team of agents quickly learns about your business, very soon coming to the point of facilitating your unique logistics needs proactively!


Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and Knowlegabable support team.

How do I contact my account manager?

Your account manager is assigned as soon as your KYC information is verified and you become our client. The details of your account manager are given in your InstaShipin Panel under Admin tab. You can contact your account manager directly over voice call or via a dedicated Whatsapp group set up for your store.

Do I need to contact customer support for any query?

Most of your logistics, tracking and other queries are answered in the sectionwise help provided in this website. For more queries, please do contact the customer support at help@instashipin.com

Do I need to contact courier directly for any query?

Not required. The ownership of your logistics rests with InstaShipin, and our team led by your dedicated account manager shall be the most suitable persons to quickly resolve any of your queries.

Rate Chart

Get shipping estimates

Baselined at a super-low INR 25 per 0.5 kilogram, InstaShipin's rate calculator precisely informs you why we charge what we charge. That's called transparency.

Get Full Cost

Get full cost visibility

Know the components in your invoice


Real-Time Rates

Use the Rate calculator to find real time rates


Compare Rates

Pick the delivery type that fits your need and budget

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