Manage Order pickup from multiple addresses

InstaShipin pickup management feauture gives you the right tool to manage complexity when your ecommerce store depends on multiple suppliers, each having multiple pickup locations

Pickup Management Tool for Shipping Orders

Easy Pickup management for multiple stores, multiple vendors, and multiple warehouse businesses

Manage multiple pickup addresses

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Benefits of Pickup Management

Direct benefits

By putting in a conscious one-time effort to set appropriate pickup rules on Instashipin, you can free yourself from the daily grind of coordinating multi-location pickup.

Add multiple addresses

If you're a single vendor with multiple pickup points or a multivendor platform with complex pickup dynamics, the first step is to add all those addresses into InstaShipin.

Set Pickup rules

Convert your manual standard operating procedure for shipment pickup into rules in InstaShipin. These rules reflect as suggestions during your InstaShipin order approval flow, making life easier for you as well as the ground staff performing first mile pickup.

Get Delivery Estimations

Based on the pickup location, destination, size and weight of shipments, InstaShipin displays estimated cost and time of delivery.

Streamline order pickups

By utilizing Pickup management feature, you can help take the stress out of multi location order pickups!

Streamline order dispatch

Use InstaShipin for better multi-store, multi-vendor, multi-warehouse coordination resulting in smoother and quicker order dispatch

Save Time & Money

InstaShipin Pickup Management feature helps you vastly improve your coordination with multiple stores, vendors and pickup locations, thus saving you lots of person hours and money.

How to Manage Pickup

Handle pickup complexity with InstaShipin pickup management

Manage Multiple eCommerce Stores on InstaShipIn
1. Manage Pickup Addresses

Login to your InstaShipin account. Navigate to Settings > Manage Pickup Addresses

2. Add/Edit/Remove Pickup Addresses

Ensure that all your pickup addresses are included here, and that they are accurate and unambiguous.

3. Set Rules (optional)

By setting pickup rules, Order approval becomes easier as InstaShipin runs these rules to offer real time pickup suggestions along with their delivery times and cost estimates.


Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and Knowlegabable support team.

How do I register my Pickup request?

Pickup request gets automatically registered to the respective couriers once you approve your orders from the InstaShipin panel. There is no other action required.

Will courier pickup daily from my warehouse?

Yes. Couriers shall pick up on a daily basis, except on official holidays and during unusual circumstances like extreme weather conditions etc.

Can you do pickup from multiple locations?

Yes. Our partner couriers can do pickup from multiple locations.

Do I need to stick the label on parcels?

Yes. Please use the Print Dispatch label functionality in Instashipin panel to generate the dispatch labels. You would need to print them and paste on the parcels.

Rate Chart

Get shipping estimates

Baselined at a super-low INR 25 per 0.5 kilogram, InstaShipin's rate calculator precisely informs you why we charge what we charge. That's called transparency.

Get Full Cost

Get full cost visibility

Know the components in your invoice


Real-Time Rates

Use the Rate calculator to find real time rates


Compare Rates

Pick the delivery type that fits your need and budget

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