Automate and customize shipping rules

Create personalized shipping rules for select shipments that satisfy a certain desired criteria

Automate & Customize Shipping Rules

Customize order approval and dispatch

Use Shipping Rules feature to easily implement micro-level logistics customization in order to meet the unique needs of certain sellers, customers or destinations.

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Benefits of Shipping rules

Direct benefits

Get unmatched depth of logistics personalization and customization based on the unique needs and demands made by seller, customer, nature of shipment and/or statutory laws of the destination location.

Your business, your rules

As an online seller, shipping rules give you immense power to control, customize and fine-tune several aspects and fine details of your shipping process

Automate repeating tasks

Once added, shipping rules are automatically applied on fresh orders coming to InstaShipin from your online store, thus simplifying order approval process

Reduce human errors

Manual Order approval can be tedious and error prone, pertinently in enterprises receiving thousands of orders daily. Shipping rules help reduce this human error

Increase efficiency

By effecting a high level of automation in the order approval process, shipping rules help increase order approval throughput manifold

Streamline Order

By running preprogrammed actions on orders fulfilling certain predefined criteria, InstaShipin shipping rules help streamline order fulfillment, leaving only a few remaining orders for manual inspection by company staff.

Save Time & Money

Shipping rules move the major load of incoming orders into automated processing, thereby saving valuable time of your office staff. By intelligent use of shipping rules, you can also make significant savings on shipping costs.

How to create shipping rules

Super simple to create shipping rules

Tracking and Management for eCommerce Store
1. Go to automate tabs in orders page

Login to InstaShipin. Navigate to Orders > Automate

2. Create New Rule

Create a new rule by providing filter criteria and defining action to be performed on eligible orders

3. Define and test Rules

Once the rule is set, run it in test mode to see how it works – whether it gives the expected result


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Do I have option to select courier?

Are you worried about choosing the most reliable and cost effective courier? Leave that to InstaShipin. It automatically decides the best courier to ship your items quickly and cost effectively. However, depending upon your business and certain requirements, specific courier can be allocated.

Can I select different courier for different shipment?

InstaShipin has an in-built courier choice logic which treats surface and air shipments differently to give you the best and most economical shipping. However, if your business has certain unique requirements, specific courier choices can be hardwired.

Do you have shipping rule for better performance?

Yes. Our shipping priority rule engine is a AI-powered proprietary code that selects the quickest and most economical shipping option depending upon the criteria set. This service is available to you by default.

Are my rates same for all couriers?

Yes. InstaShipin charges a standard amount that you can know using our Rate calculator. Rates are calculated based on weight slabs, zones and locations. This amount shall remain the same regardless of the couriers engaged to ship your items.

Rate Chart

Get shipping estimates

Baselined at a super-low INR 25 per 0.5 kilogram, InstaShipin's rate calculator precisely informs you why we charge what we charge. That's called transparency.

Get Full Cost

Get full cost visibility

Know the components in your invoice


Real-Time Rates

Use the Rate calculator to find real time rates


Compare Rates

Pick the delivery type that fits your need and budget

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