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Tracking and Management

Track realtime movement of orders and manage actions

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Benefits of real-time tracking

Direct benefits

With its Dashboard feature, InstaShipin keeps you updated on the live status of your shipments, giving you full traceability and control, and real time delivery tracking information to the waiting customer.

Up-to-date status of orders

Get a bird's eye view of order status from Dashboard, and click on any data point to download complete details

Smart Search

Search all current shipments and apply multiple filtering criteria to narrow down the search results

Bulk Search

Use this feature to obtain bulk data that fulfill certain criteria, in order to perform a bulk action (like bulk order approval)

Give delivery estimations

InstaShipin can leverage history tracking data to give realistic delivery estimates to a given destination

Streamline customer support

By combining order, shipment and tracking data in one screen, your customer support team has all info they need

Save Time & Money

Use InstaShipin to ensure on-time delivery across sales channels from a single location thus saving time and money

How to add Track and Manage

Super simple to track and manage shipments

Track and Manage Shipments for eCommerce Business
1. Go to Tracking Tab

Login to InstaShipin and click Tracking

2. Search by AWB, Customer Number or order ID

It is possible to search for a maximum of 300 shipments in a single search

3. See Delivery details and Timeline of every movement

Full history timeline of each shipment is available to help decide further action


Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and Knowlegabable support team.

How do I track the order status?

Tracking option is provided in same screen panel that shows details of the shipment journey. With this option you would be able to track your order status in real time.

Can I integrate tracking feature on my website?

Yes. We shall provide the InstaShipin Tracking URL. You can use it wherever required in your site to track shipment status of any order placed through your online store.

Can I give real-time instructions for rescheduling the delivery?

Yes! This is one of InstaShipin’s powerful features. While shipment is in transit or if a delivery attempt has failed, you can communicate with the customer and decide on rescheduled delivery. You can do this simply by editing delivery info in your InstaShipin Order screen, and the update shall be conveyed online to the Courier on ground.

Can I track multiple shipments?

With InstaShipin you can track up to 300 shipments at a time. You can also download the real time tracking information in excel format.

Do I need to take AWB in advance?

Prior Airway billing is not required. This is because InstaShipin auto-allocates Airway Bill (AWB) numbers for each shipment in real time, while processing the orders.

Rate Chart

Get shipping estimates

Baselined at a super-low INR 25 per 0.5 kilogram, InstaShipin's rate calculator precisely informs you why we charge what we charge. That's called transparency.

Get Full Cost

Get full cost visibility

Know the components in your invoice


Real-Time Rates

Use the Rate calculator to find real time rates


Compare Rates

Pick the delivery type that fits your need and budget

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