Complete Delivery solution for sellers on Amazon

Use InstaShipin and start shipping to every corner of the nation in minutes!

Delivery Solution for Sellers on Amazon

Simplify you shipping Process. Level up your customer experience!

Leverage the power of InstaShipin logistics. Simply prepare your Amazon Order information in a specified excel format and upload it into InstaShipin. From this point on, InstaShipin streamlines your Order Management and Dispatch Label printing and manages Courier pickup, shipping, delivery, returns and COD, leaving you free to focus on merchandise quality and availability.

WooCommerce Shipping Process

Features of InstaShipin

Easily ship your orders

Bulk Order

Ship to 26,000+ Pincodes

Covering not just India's Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities but most towns and many villages, InstaShipin gives you awesome delivery power.


Enable COD & 10+ Service

Get all logistics options on demand! In addition to the highly popular COD feature, InstaShipin offers more than 10 premium services like express, same day and cross-border delivery, white labeling for branding your company on shipping labels etc.


Upload, Approve & Dispatch Orders

After preparing your Amazon order information in the prescribed excel format and uploading it into InstaShipin, you can approve orders and print dispatch labels individually or in bulk.

No Physical Contact

Realtime tracking

InstaShipin offers realtime tracking of each of your shipments, not only pan India but even to cross-border destinations. No more anxiety over undelivered goods!

Unlimited Listing

Customer Experience

Every aspect of our logistics experience - delivery speed, packaging, NDR management, COD handling and communications - is customizable to reflect and uphold your brand identity!

SEO Friendly

Analytics & Reports

InstaShipin's powerful Reports module correlates order, shipment logistics and delivery data to provide analytics, business health indicators and helpful insights for your business expansion.

How to integrate?

Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Register & verify your account

Register your InstaShipin account. Provide your company and personal details as part of KYC (Know Your Customer) – a mandatory Government regulation

2. Approve Orders

Your account gets enabled upon completion of KYC verification. You can then prepare and upload your [Facebook] Order information in the given excel format. You can then perform order approval from the InstaShipin interface.

Shipping Services for Facebook Sellers

Verify Account

Facebook Marketplace Shipping Integration
3. Dispatch & Track orders

You can take up the approved orders, print and paste their shipping labels on the items, request pickup and track orders from courier handover to delivery.

Why Choose InstaShipIn?

What Will You Get From InstaShipin

Everything you need to streamline your Amazon shipping process is available under a single roof when you take up InstaShipin.

WooCommerce Shipping Plugin
Pay per delivery

InstaShipin does not charge a fixed monthly minimum amount for its use. Rather, the total billable amount is just the sum of charges of individual deliveries. There are neither hidden costs nor minimum order limits.

Better Shipping Rates

At the lowest shipping cost per weight ratio at Rupees 25 per 0.5 kg, you can make a substantial saving in logistics costs with InstaShipin.

Simplified Shipping process

Confused about which courier to choose for which shipment and destination for maximum speed, safety and economy? Worry no more. Let InstaShipin decide all this and make life easy for you!

Bulk Processing

For high volume multichannel businesses, bulk order approval and bulk dispatch is both convenient and efficient. Running as a batch process, it saves you several person hours of manual processing.

Prepaid & Post Paid Accounts

InstaShipin offers rechargeable wallet feature for prepaid customers. Postpaid plan, available for enterprises subject to the terms of a mutual contract, allows for negative balance in wallet, which can be paid off on monthly basis.

Dedicated Account managers

InstaShipin is logistics personalized. Instead of a common support center serving all our clients, we provide you a dedicated support team with a dedicated account manager to quickly resolve your concerns.

Who can use InstaShipin?

Any Online Ecommerce Business Store Owners

InstaShipIn eCommerce Shipping Platform for all the Size of Business

Sellers of any size

Whether you're a fresh entrepreneur trying out Amazon store or an established Amazon store with several products and hundreds of daily orders, InstaShipin works for you.

Sellers of products with unique shipping needs

We're sensitive to your varied logistics needs. We handle perishables, fragile and sensitive shipments safely.

InstaShipIn eCommerce Shipping Platform for all the Industry Businesses
InstaShipIn eCommerce Shipping Platform for all the Types of Delivery Services

Sellers looking for special shipping options

We offer all kinds of delivery options to suit your need, urgency, and budget, from same-day delivery to special handling of high-value orders.

Platforms you can integrate

Popular ecommerce Platforms and custom stores


Sync orders from your Shopify store, approve for dispatch and track your shipments

Shopify Integration

Integrate InstaShipin quickly with your Wordpress-WooCommerce store and start shipping

WooCommerce Integration

Easily connect InstaShipin with Magento Open Source or Commerce versions

Magento Integration

Channel your orders and expedite the shipment process for faster order fulfillment

BigCommerce Integration

Offer your customers seamless shipment tracking by adding our plugin to your PrestaShop store

PrestaShop Integration

Uphold your reputation as an Amazon seller by offering unmatched delivery experience with InstaShipin

Amazon Integration

Win likes and customers for your Facebook store by shipping nationally and internationally with Instashipin

Facebook Integration

Add to your immersive Instagram shopping experience with an equally impressive logistics service

Instagram Integration


Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and Knowlegabable support team.

How I can get orders of Amazon processed on Instashipin?

As a Amazon seller logged into Amazon with your seller account, you get the option to download the orders that are pending dispatch. After downloading the order details, please rearrange the details to adhere with the excel format recommended by InstaShipin. Now the orders can be uploaded into InstatShipin panel for further processing.

How I can get the order status of my Amazon orders if I use InstaShipin logistics?

InstaShipin Logistics has been listed in Amazon’s logistics platform. By virtue of seamless data sharing between these two compatible logistics platforms, real time order status available on InstaShipin can be tracked on Amazon.

Rate Chart

Get shipping estimates

Baselined at a super-low INR 25 per 0.5 kilogram, InstaShipin's rate calculator precisely informs you why we charge what we charge. That's called transparency.

Get Full Cost

Get full cost visibility

Know the components in your invoice


Real-Time Rates

Use the Rate calculator to find real time rates


Compare Rates

Pick the delivery type that fits your need and budget

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