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Boosting eCommerce Sale Effectively – Tips and Trick to Enhance your Business

The major objective of any eCommerce seller is sales- without the right amount of sales, it is impossible to make profits and maximize the business.

What is the basic purpose of any eCommerce business? Sales, of course.

The major objective of any eCommerce seller is sales- without the right amount of sales, it is impossible to make profits and maximize the business. However, every business is bound to hit highs and lows, from time to time. While there are good days, there are bad days as well. The low sale is nothing short of a nightmare for any eCommerce business owner- and thus here are some tried and tested tips to help you enhance your sales.

According to stats, eCommerce sales account for 2.3 trillion USD across the globe, only in the year 2020! By the year 2021, the amount is expected to increase by up to 4.88 trillion USD appx. This clearly shows a major increase expected in the number of online buyers, and thus the sellers need to be prepared and ensure their platform is highlighted, and eCommerce logistics is all set to deal with the pressure.

So, how can you make your platform more noticeable, and get more buyers? Here are a few ways, in which you can enhance your online sales:

Online Marketplace

The recent times have seen the emergence of several eCommerce marketplaces, selling products all across the globe. These include the international giants, like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, etc, combined with several other local options. While selling on your personal domain might grant you more independence, these marketplaces are sure to provide an immense boost to your sales- and the same strategy has been adopted by several international brands to improve their sales.

For example, you might be selling essential oils on your website, but listing your items on Amazon or eBay would make it visible to a larger number of audiences, hence attracting more sales. Even if your own website fails to attract much business, these marketplaces would save you from rainy days. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Facebook marketplace, Indiamart, Snapdeal, and Shopclues are some of the most noticeable online marketplaces available nowadays.

However, the option is not only limited to online sellers- even if you are an offline seller, you can list your product on these websites, and get additional exposure and thus more customers.

Now the questions arise- how would you manage your inventory and shipping? This is where InstaShipin comes to the rescue- it is an eCommerce Shipping provider, that would solve your eCommerce logistics and eCommerce delivery related issues. You would just have to sync your channel and maintain your list while enjoying the eCommerce delivery services by InstaShipin.

Website Optimization

The eCommerce website is supposed to be user friendly- that is the only way to retain your customers. To deliver the ultimate user experience and enhance the quality of your website, you can use the following techniques:

  1. Heat maps would provide data about the most visited sections of your website, helping you to locate which sections need more improvement. They can also be used to change content strategy, navigation, and call to action placement.
  2. Ensure smooth checkout for the buyers, removing any extra placements from the checkout page.
  3. Provide accurate sorting and filters to assist the buyer in looking for the desired product.

Answer all the Buyer Questions

Social media presence is vital for any eCommerce business- as this is where the customers post their feedback, reviews, queries, and questions about the products. Engagement on your social media is the key to get additional buyer attention, and it includes re-tweets, comments, poll answers, shares, and replies to messages as well as emails. Engaging with customers on these channels will build their trust and would increase the number of returning customers on your website. In addition, also keep posting product description with pictures and videos, to promote the products and educate the audience about them, at the same time.

Describe the Product

Product description, along with appropriate keywords is one of the most essential aspects of an eCommerce website. Use this section to define the features, uses, advantages as well as the method of using the product- providing the users a reason to purchase the product. Presentation of product descriptions is yet another essential factor- usually, bullets, anecdote, or advantage-based write-ups are advised for writing product descriptions.

Testimonials by Customers

A customer testimonial is more like an opinion from an acquaintance- it tends to build trust among the target audience. It provides confidence and validation to the consumer, however, make sure that the customer’s testimonial contains the customer’s image- to offer an authentic feel and credibility to the testimonial- better post a video testimonial as well.

Provide Live Chat Option

Giving real-time experience to the customers through live chat tends to connect the consumers to the brand, reducing the communication gap, and clearing all the confusions before buying the product. According to researches, more than 80% of the consumers refuse the buy from websites that lack live chat options. A well-trained live chat representative would not only connect to the consumers but would also increase the chances of converting every interacting consumer into a regular buyer.

Launch Mobile Application for your Brand

Since this is the age of cellular devices, it is essential to get both desktops as well as mobile applications on board. The mobile applications’ responsiveness must be in accordance with the needs of users, providing them with the ideal user experience. The page layout, design as well as other relevant features for both the desktop as well as mobile devices should be cautiously optimized- as according to studies, 80% of the users do not proceed to buy if the website is not mobile optimized.

While the eCommerce shipping solutions are provided by agencies like InstaShipin, you are required to focus only on the increased sales. Use the tips mentioned above to get more consumers and leave the rest (eCommerce delivery and eCommerce Logistics) on the eCommerce shipping providers. We would make sure that your product reaches the consumers safe and sound- ensuring better reviews and thus more customers for your brand.

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