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The Basics of Online Shipping – Delivery and Logistics

The recent times have witnessed a sharp boost in eCommerce- that also tends to have an amazingly high scope.

The recent times have witnessed a sharp boost in eCommerce- that also tends to have an amazingly high scope. While the concept of eCommerce is in accordance with the requirements of the current era, it is also highly convenient and efficient; thus, leading to an immense increase in the demand for eCommerce Shipping Services within a short span of time.

Now arises the questions- how do eCommerce shipping solutions work?

In order to get the answer, it is crucial to get an understanding of the basis of eCommerce fulfillment supply chain- shipping and delivery. The whole system of eCommerce logistics is dependent on these two factors (shipping and delivery)- and it would simply be unable to operate without them. In the absence of an efficient shipping and delivery system, it is impossible to assure the timely delivery of the products to end consumers, which is, in fact, the primary objective of any online business. Hence delivery and logistics hold the central and most essential position in the overall eCommerce shipping solutions.

The following paragraphs would provide an insight of eCommerce shipping solutions in four stages- that assure the provision of outstanding consumer experience and thus a boost in your eCommerce business.

Step Number 1- Processing of Order

Once the order is placed by the customer, it triggers a set of actions required for the processing and thus the completion of that order; in a timely and efficient manner. The whole process is termed as ‘Order Processing’. A separate order number, as well as tracking ID, is generated for each item, that has to be delivered to the customer. The inventory is updated by the production and logistics team, combined with the closing of the purchase order, and the task is thus assigned to the packaging and delivery team. Since eCommerce delivery depends on the efficiency of the process, these steps should be carried out in a competent as well as organized manner.

Step Number 2- Packaging

After the order has been processed, the next step is to ensure proper, safe, and secure packaging; before the item is shipped to the customer. In eCommerce delivery, packaging serves two different purposes:

  1. It prevents wear and tear of the products, allowing safe delivery to the consumer
  2. It tends to enhance the brand value of the product

There are a variety of packing options available, depending on the overall value, type and dimensions of the product. Some of the most commonly used options include envelopes, packets, boxes, and others. It is advised to use simple and user-friendly packaging- as complicated packaging would add to the cost and is also disliked by the customers. Moreover, it must be strong and robust, to make sure safe delivery of the product, and to avoid any damages during the shipment process.

It is essential to note here that the brand logo (if available) must be placed over the packaging- it does not only add to the brand value but also assists in increasing brand retention.

Step Number 3- Logistics and Delivery Process

Logistics and delivery count as the most essential aspect of eCommerce Shipping Solutions. To ensure the fast and apt delivery of the products to the consumers, the companies require a highly efficient eCommerce logistics process. More often than not, the companies prefer employing or affiliating with some independent eCommerce delivery and eCommerce logistics agencies- preferably the reliable and high reputed ones. These third-party agencies carry out the delivery of items on your behalf- thus saving the time and effort required in the process.

While the eCommerce giants like Amazon have developed their logistic divisions for the delivery of orders, others usually settle for online eCommerce shipping solution providers, like InstaShipin. InstaShipin provides several options to its customers- from multiple shipping partners to sellers- all on a pre-negotiation basis.

Step Number 4- Returns and Refunds

The completion of the delivery process might appear to be the last step- however, it isn’t. eCommerce logistics also includes returns and refunds, which is carried out by the eCommerce shipping solutions provider. In case the product is returned by the customer, due to any reason, the eCommerce logistics agency would ship it back to the retailer, to start the return process. Usually, the whole procedure is carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the company.

In the age of globalization, the digital platforms have gained immense popularity- and thus there has been significant and swift growth in the eCommerce logistics industry. Each passing day brings new, improved and efficient methods of eCommerce delivery, to provide better and improved experience to both the businesses as well as the consumers.

The eCommerce industry is the future of businesses- and it is continuously changing and evolving for the better. In order to stay updated with the recent trends, and to get the latest information regarding eCommerce logistics, stay tuned to our blog. We tend to keep you up to date with the current trends, while providing tips and ideas to offer an immense boost to your business.

For better eCommerce delivery services, visit InstaShipin today. We are the leading eCommerce Shipping Solution providers in India- providing convenient and efficient approvals and dispatches of your products. We also provide customization of the platform in accordance to your requirements and our services include assistance in the growth of your eCommerce business, engaging with your consumers as well as improving the quality of shipping.

InstaShipin is the one-stop-shop offering multiple types of eCommerce delivery options, combined with simple and practical steps to start your eCommerce logistics. Whether you are a budding online seller, a subscription business, a start-up, or a major brand- we have super quick, simplified, and customized solutions to all your personalized and unique demands. With multiple delivery options and transparency through real-time shipment tracking, we make sure that all your eCommerce delivery problems are taken care of- in the most effective and organized manner.

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